Friday, January 6, 2017

One Monthly Goal

Well, I'm taking the plunge to set goals for 2017. I've been goal resistant most of my life but with Elm Street Quilts' OMG One-Monthly-Goal approach, I only need to set one goal for each month. That's much more doable for me than trying to set goals for an entire year before the year even starts!

So, here I go... For January, I am going to piece together a quilt top with the Stash Bee blocks I received in 2016. Because I was Queen Bee in November, I haven't been proscratinating too long. The block is called Which Way and was designed by Kathryn Wilson Tucker, published in Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, version 8.

I not only have to make alternating blocks to go between the Which Way blocks, I have to rip apart a few blocks and resew them. Some of the blocks I received were finished smaller than the pattern's 12.5" square requirement. You can trim a block down if it's too big but you have to deconstruct a block that's too small. So, this project may be time consuming. We'll see on Jan. 31!

Till then.


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